Friday, 23 January 2015

Little Red Riding Hood - /pronunciation practice/

Hello class:

Today we are going to practice what we've learned in class with a classic Grimm brothers' bedtime story: "Little Red Riding Hood".

Here's a video I found at Learn English Kids BBC Council's webpage.
You can listen and read the story.

You can visit the site clicking on the following link and download the text and some activities to complete the exercise:

Listen to the story carefully, pause the video and repeat what you heard focusing on a propper acticulation.


Minimal pairs to practice vowels /e/ and /æ/

Here are some minimal pairs to practice vowels /e/ and /æ/:

Click on the image to hear the words.
(taken from

And some more:

English pronunciation - / æ / compared to / е /

English Vowels: /e/ and /æ/ (video explanation)

Pronunciation Tips: /e/ and /æ/